First and foremost, we’re a group of tabletop gamers living and around the state of Vermont in the United States of America. Secondly, we’re people who like to socialize and make new friends. Fortunately, games and socializing dovetail rather nicely.

Why We Exist

En masse social game-playing in Vermont has a tumultuous history. Conventions have come and gone over the last twenty years. Apart from the stalwart Carnage in the Upper Valley and the burgeoning Geek Week in Montpelier, a Vermont gamer’s social calendar depends largely on their own circles. In a small state with low population density, meeting new fellows in the hobby often hinges on chance, while for the lone gamer with no face to face friends who share their interest, opportunities to play games can be scarce on the ground.

Green Mountain Gamers came from a desire to create more publicly available opportunities all around Vermont. There will always be Carnage in November and there will always be the private game nights among friends. Green Mountain Game Days fall between the two, providing low cost opportunities for gamers to get together, socialize and play games all year round.

The social networking aspect of the site came slightly later, when the success of a network called Burlington Board Gamers, now rolled into this site, showed there was an audience for an online meeting place for gamers around Vermont.

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