Frequently Asked Questions

About Green Mountain Gamers

Who are the Green Mountain Gamers?

Green Mountain Gamers is an informal community of tabletop game players living in and around the state of Vermont. This website is the online meeting place for local gamers to chat and plan real life get-togethers and gameplay.

What kind of games do you play?

We play many and most non-electronic tabletop games. More specifically: board games, card games — though not so much mainstream games like poker or Monopoly and more Settlers of Catan and Dominion — role-playing games and tactical miniatures.

What’s the point of this website?

This website has two goals:
  1. Provide an online meeting place for tabletop game hobbyists to interact with fellow Vermonters and New Englanders.
  2. Be a central point of information for Green Mountain Game Days, a series of game days taking place in different communities around the state of Vermont.

I already use Facebook. Why should I join another social network?

Green Mountain Gamers is a different sort of social network from Facebook or MySpace in a couple respects:
  1. We’re local and focused. Green Mountain Gamers is about building connections between the separate gaming communities across Vermont. The people you meet here have come because they like to play tabletop games as much as you do. You don’t have to sift through family photos and coworkers’ status updates to get to the gaming goodness.
  2. We don’t want to monetize you or your information. The sign-up process here is deliberately skimpy on personal information. Green Mountain Gamers is all about promoting and enjoying our collective hobby, not selling advertising clicks or demographic information.

All that being said, Green Mountain Gamers does have a fan page on Facebook. It mostly serves as a relay point for breaking news and items of interest to the game-playing population.

How can I get in touch with you?

The easiest way is to register an account with the website and get involved in the conversation.

If you want to talk directly to the people behind the curtain, take advantage of the contact page.

About Green Mountain Game Days

What’s a Green Mountain Game Day?

A Green Mountain Game Day is the chance for tabletop gamers in Vermont to gather, meet up with old friends, make new friends, play some games and have a good time without the time or financial commitment a full-blown weekend convention entails. In the spirit of making new friendships and fostering relationships between gaming groups and communities, Green Mountain Game Days take place all over the state of Vermont on a seasonal rotation.

What gets played at a Green Mountain Game Day?

Green Mountain Game Days use the free play model one finds at a Unity Games day or Boardgamegeek.con. Most attendees bring games they like and want to share with others. There’s a self-selection process as people work out what they would like to play. Then everyone gets down to business. The free play model lends itself best to board and card games, since they don’t require much preparation, but we do encourage role-players and miniatures gamers to come out as well.

If you’ve got a game you want to share with others, bring it along! Part of the fun of game days is teaching the game you love to new people and trying out games new to you.

When and where are Green Mountain Game Days held?

Game days occur on a seasonal basis, each named for the season in which it occurs: Summer Game ‘n Grill, Fall-loha, Winter Weirdness and Spring Meltdown. The precise date of a game day depends on what else is going on in the New England gaming scene — we’ll never schedule against Carnage or TotalCon, for instance — so it can drift back and forth in the season as needed.

There are roughly five regions that we have held or plan to hold game days in: Burlington, the Northeast Kingdom, Montpelier, Middlebury and the Upper Valley, along the I-91 corridor around White River Junction and Lebanon, New Hampshire. Within those regions, we find community centers, grange halls and church basements that can be rented economically on our donation-funded model.

When will there be a Green Mountain Game Day in my area?

Where game days are held depends on having local people ready to do the legwork of finding and securing a place to play and figuring out other logistical issues. The original proponents of the group happen to be from the above five areas, so that’s where the game days are focused.

This isn’t to say there will never be a Green Mountain Gamer in Rutland, St. Albans or some other corner of Vermont.  If you’re from a region that hasn’t yet made it into the game day rotation and want to make it happen, why not drop us a line?

How much does it cost to play at a game day?

The goal of a Green Mountain Game Day is to provide a low cost opportunity to game and socialize with other gamers in the area. While there is no admission fee, we do ask participants to make a donation to help cover the rental fee of the day’s venue and any associated costs — charcoal for the Game ‘n Grill, etc. $5-$10 is the usual range, based on the hosting site’s cost.

Any money raised in excess of the costs of the day is rolled forward to the next game day.

What about my non-gaming family members?

Cognizant of the fact that not everyone in a family may like to play games, we have a few suggestions for non-gaming family members to enjoy on a day trip on the Other Activities page.