Green Mountain Tabletop Gamers, Inc.

Beginning April 1, 2014, Green Mountain Gamers(GMG) has officially formed as a mutual benefit non-profit corporation structured as a social club.

Green Mountain Tabletop Gamer’s mission is to provide opportunities that further board gaming* in VT and opportunities that benefit VT board gamers.
* Boardgaming is not limited to playing games with boards, but is meant to include card games, miniature games, war games, role-playing games and all other forms of physical gaming. It specifically excludes computer games and sports games, but includes hybrid and cross-over games, such as board games with a dexterity component, war games that use computer programs, and chess boxing.

Why is this being done?

Since GMG formed in 2010, GMG has grown. Maintaining a website and organizing game days takes time and effort from a group of five people. It was realized that the five people who were organizing GMG were putting their own personal property at risk from potential liability claims, as well as assuming tax liability for our organization. To protect the organizers from such liabilities, GMG has been formed into a non-profit corporation.

How does this affect me and the game days?

Very little will change so you shouldn’t see much change at all. What will be different is that anyone can now sign up to be a member of GMG by paying yearly dues. Any paying member will then be able to attend the GMG annual meeting where you can express your opinions and suggestions, nominate board members, be nominated as a board member and vote for board members.

What will the yearly dues cost?

Dues will be due each year at the Mega Meltdown. By registering for the Mega Meltdown, you will automatically become a GMG member, unless you do not wish to be an official member. Membership is not required to attend any of the game days. If you cannot attend the Mega Meltdown, you can pay dues via a paypal link (at the bottom of this page), by mailing a payment to GMG (see address below) or by making a payment in person at any of the smaller game days (Game ‘n Grill, Fall-loha, or Winter Weirdness). Dues for 2014 will be $10 per person or $10.50 per person if paying via paypal. If you plan to attend the Mega Meltdown, then all you have to do is register to attend and your dues will be paid. If you do not plan to attend the Mega Meltdown, you can still pay your dues by sending us a payment or use the paypal link at the bottom of this page. Dues will not be pro-rated and will be up for renewal each year at the Mega Meltdown. Officially, the calendar year for membership will be May 1st to April 30th.

If I want to become a member, do I need to provide anything more than paying dues?

All you need to do to become a member is pay your yearly dues, provide your first and last name and an email address. That’s it!

Why do you need my email address?

Because we are an official corporation operating as a social club, we need to hold an annual meeting and members need to be notified as to when and where the meeting will be held. We will notify members via email. Your email address will not be spammed by GMG. Your email will only be used to notify you of the annual meeting and any GMG announcements and updates. You can be removed from the email list at any time. Please understand that if you remove your email from the emailing list, you won’t receive notice of the annual meeting.

When will the annual meeting be held?

It will be held every year at the Mega Meltdown.

How will the smaller game days be affected?

The smaller game days will take place as they normally do. There will not be an admission charge, though we will still ask for donations to help cover costs from those who can afford to donate.

Where can I mail my yearly dues? Who do I make a check out to?

Green Mountain Gamers
c/o Bethany Creaser
416 Caswell Ave
Derby Line, VT 05830
Make a check out to: Green Mountain Gamers, dues are $10 per person for the year

How to contact GMG – click here

Tell more more about your corporate organization?

Here’s a copy of our by-laws.

Here’s the current Board of Directors.

  • Chair: Robert Dijkman Dulkes
  • Vice Chair: Alex Clay
  • Secretary: Chuck Burkins
  • Treasurer: Bethany Creaser
  • Auditor: Carlo Gozzi

 Can I pay my dues right now? 




You can pay by transferring $10 per person from your bank account linked to PayPal – to do so, login to PayPal and transfer the money to greenmtngamers (at) gmail dot com
If you opt for this, please email us the name(s) and email(s) of who is becoming a member

ONLY use this paypal button if you are NOT attending the Mega Meltdown. If you are attending the Mega Meltdown, then pay with the link at the bottom of the Mega Meltdown page. If you opt for this, please email us the name(s) and email(s) of who is becoming a member

Yearly Dues (for those not attending the Mega Meltdown)