User avatars help site users differentiate each other with a visual cue, a small picture or icon.

By default, every person who registers an account on the Green Mountain Gamers site receives a generated avatar known as an identicon. The color and shapes in identifying icon is based on some pieces of information about the user’s, typically their IP address, which is not discoverable by dissecting the identicon.

Users can choose their own custom avatar in one of two ways: upload an avatar straight to the website or create a Gravatar.

Under My Account, hover over Profile, then select the option Change Avatar.

Upload to Green Mountain Gamers

In the navigation bar at the top of the Green Mountain Gamers website, hover over My Account to reveal the menu, move the mouse down to hover over Profile, then move it over to click on Change Avatar.

Click Browse to select a picture on your computer, then Upload Image to put it on the web site.

On the Change Avatar page, click the Browse button to find the picture on your computer you want to use as an avatar. Click Open in the selection dialogue once you have the picture chosen, then Upload Image on the page to complete the upload process.

The left picture shows the crop box. The right picture shows what your avatar looks like at any given time in the editing process.

The next step, cropping your picture, allows you to select which part of the picture you want to use as an avatar. If you have a picture already formatted as a typical square avatar, just resize the cropping box to include the whole image.

If you’re using some other sort of picture, you can click and drag the crop box all around, then resize the crop box by clicking and dragging any of the square handles positioned around it. As you adjust your avatar on the left, the preview on the right shows you how it looks on its own.

Once you’ve created your avatar as you like it, click Crop Image. You’re done! You have a brand spanking new avatar.

Create a Gravatar

A Gravatar, short for “globally recognized avatar,” is an avatar that works across all websites that use the Gravatar protocol, saving you from uploading pictures to each and every one. Most WordPress-based sites, including Green Mountain Gamers, recognize and use Gravatars when possible.

The Gravatar website has very good instructions for uploading and cropping a picture to become avatar, not unlike the steps outlined above.

Keep in mind that websites apply Gravatars based on the email address of the user. Make sure that one of the email addresses to which you assign the Gravatar is the same address you used in setting up your account at Green Mountain Gamers.