Click the blue link reading “create an account.”

Welcome to Green Mountain Gamers! Let’s get you an account.

Create an Account

First, click any of the register links scattered around the front page, like the one at the top of the right hand sidebar.

The Create an Account page has two columns of information you need to fill out. The left hand column is basic account information: your user name, an email address to receive confirmation and notification messages and a password to keep your account safe.

The right hand column asks for details that are included in your public profile, which anyone visiting the site can see. Three fields are required to create an account: a name, and a city and state of residence. City and state are self-explanatory; they’re helpful for people looking for gamers in their own town. Your name, however, is distinct from your user name.

The Difference Between the Name and User Name

Your name works differently from your user name. Your name is something people call you. It could be your real life name, it could be a nickname or an internet handle. It doesn’t have any effect on the network, beyond that’s what people see on your profile and in the activity stream. Your name can be changed at any time by visiting the edit profile link in the upper toolbar.

Your user name is tied to the networking system. It’s the name you use when logging in to the site and when mentioning other users. The user name also forms part of the address of your public profile page. If your user name is meepleman, your profile page is accessible at

Other Profile Fields

The other fields in the right hand column of the Create an Account page are optional. They’re provided so you can share as much information about yourself as you would like.

  • Homepage is your online presence. It could be a blog, Twitter feed, public Facebook page or traditional web site. This will become a clickable link, so make sure you include the complete address.
  • Your Story is as much as about yourself as you care to reveal, or not as the case may be.
  • Preferred Types of Games is a list of the general genres of tabletop games. To select multiple entries, since so many gamers like to dabble, hold Control when clicking additional options — or Apple on a Mac.
  • Favorite Games is where you can list your top favorite titles. Be sure to separate each title with a comma.

Much of what you enter in the profile fields will become clickable, letting you can search the network for other people with similar interests, so spelling and punctuation count, particularly in the Favorite Games field. Always separate game titles with commas.

Once you’ve filled out your profile information to your satisfaction, click the button Complete Sign Up. An activation email is sent to the address you provided, which you’ll need to open and read.

Activating Your Account

The next page, Sign Up Complete!, tells you you’ve successfully registered. All you need to do now is wait for our webmaster to activate the account. While at this page, you also have the option of uploading an avatar.

Because of the amount of spam accounts that register for our site, our webmaster will activate your account for you. When he sees a legitimate registration, he will confirm the account and send you a message to let you know when registration is complete. You may need to look in your spam filter, depending on how strict your email provider is.