Sharing Content

Sharing content might mean posting something to Green Mountain Gamers for discussion. It could also mean sharing the conversation on Green Mountain Gamers with other communities.

Posting External Blog Entries

If you have an external blog with a feed, you can automatically share those entries on your activity stream without manually pasting links.

Find Your Blog Feed

Most, if not all, blogs have a feed, a way for other websites and applications to read and display posts. This is typically called an RSS or Atom feed. It is not your blog’s main URL. If you don’t know where the link to your blog’s feed is, you can usually find it by searching the front page for instances of the words “feed” or “subscribe.” When you find the link, copy the URL.

In WordPress blogs, for instance, the feed URL typically takes the form of BlogSpot/Blogger/Google Blogs are a little trickier. The URLs tend to look like

How to access the External Blogs control panel.

To add your blog posts to your Green Mountain Gamers activity stream, you must first log into the site. At the top of the screen, go to the My Account menu, mouse down to the Settings item, then click on the External Blogs item. This takes you to the sub-tab of your account’s Settings panel.

Paste your feed in this field, then click Save Changes.

Add Your Blog’s Feed

There’s only one field on the External Blogs tab, called Enter Feed URL. Paste the feed URL in that field. Click Save Changes and you’re done!


  • You may add one feed to your profile. If you have multiple feeds — primary blog, secondary blog, Twitter feed, etc — you’ll have to prioritize.
  • Don’t panic if your feed’s posts don’t immediately appear in the activity stream. New blog posts are pulled when another member loads the page, so they’ll be visible when someone else visits, if not for you.
  • This guide will live in the How to Use This Site section. Check there for any updates in the future.

Share Content with a Bookmarklet

You can share content in your activity stream quickly and easily with a bookmarklet. By placing the bookmarklet in your browser’s toolbar or bookmark menu, you can quickly share links without going through the rigamarole of copying the link, loading the Green Mountain Gamers site and pasting it in the activity update box.

Follow these steps to set up the bookmarklet in your web browser:

First, log in and go to your profile page by clicking My Account in the toolbar at the top of the page, or on your avatar wherever you see it on the site.

Below your display name, user name and most recent activity update is a link reading “What about adding a bookmarklet in your browser bookmarks toolbar ?,” as seen in the picture to the right.

Add the Bookmarklet to Your Browser

Clicking that link reveals a bubble containing the text “Share on Green Mountain Gamers,” as shown in the second, nearly identical picture to the right.

To add it to your browser’s toolbar, you have a couple choices:

  1. Click and hold the button down on the bubble. Drag it up to your bookmark bar or menu and let go of the mouse button. The bookmarklet should appear there.
  2. Right click the bubble. Select the option to add the bookmark, make a favorite or whatever terminology your browser uses.

Using the Bookmarklet to Share Content

Now, whenever you want to share a link in your activity stream, you can do so with a couple clicks. While looking at the page, picture or whatever you want to share, click on the bookmarklet in your toolbar, menu or wherever you put it.

A small window will pop up looking rather like the one to the right. You can edit the text to your heart’s content. Certainly replace “[your content here]” with some interesting commentary of your own, but you can also shorten the text in the link, which is by default the title of the page to which you’re linking, add some mark-up to make it pretty and everything else you can do in an activity update.

When you’re done, click Post Update and the link will appear in your activity stream as an update. Done!

Using The Share Button

Click "Share," then the button of the service with which you wish to share.

The Share button allows you to quickly link to updates and forum threads here on Green Mountain Gamers to other popular networking sites, namely Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz and Digg, as well as a button for emailing someone directly.

Clicking the Share button reveals the services to which you can post a link. On choosing a service, a window pops up.  If you’re already logged into the service, you go through the usual motions of sharing a link on that site. If you’re not logged in, you’ll have to do that first.

The Share button appears in the row of buttons below each item in the activity stream, as well as at the top of forum threads.