COVID Announcement

The health of our community is of the utmost importance. At this time we do not expect to be able to run out upcoming quarterly events. We are constantly evaluating, so check back regularly or follow us on Facebook to see when we can run events again!

Green Mountain Gamers is a social network for tabletop game enthusiasts in and around Vermont.

We also host a series of quarterly game days that travel around the state:

Winter Weirdness • Spring Mega Meltdown • Summer Game and Grill • Fall-loha

Our community is active on Facebook (and around the gaming table).

Socially Distanced

Hey! I’m Max Seidman, the newest member of the Green Mountain Gamers board. Like many of us, I come to tabletop gaming for the in-person interactions with my friends and soon-to-be friends. And while I have been playing some tabletop games online, it’s just not the same. Instead, I’ve been trying to find games to […]


Hi! I’m Chuck Burkins, the treasurer of the Green Mountain Gamers, one of the original founders of GMG, and the guy who usually runs the Summer Game Day! Here’s my COVID-19 gaming story: Do you know that moment at the game day where you open the box of a game you’ve never played before, and […]