COVID Announcement

The health of our community is of the utmost importance. At this time we do not expect to be able to run out upcoming quarterly events. We are constantly evaluating, so check back regularly or follow us on Facebook to see when we can run events again!

Green Mountain Gamers is a social network for tabletop game enthusiasts in and around Vermont.

We also host a series of quarterly game days that travel around the state:

Winter Weirdness • Spring Mega Meltdown • Summer Game and Grill • Fall-loha

Our community is active on Facebook (and around the gaming table).

Gaming Away From Computers

Hi everyone, I am Robert Dijkman, but I believe that most of you know me better as “The Dutchman” (or “that bleeping Dutchman”). Like everyone else, I have been sitting at home for most of this year, and while some Kickstarters have been arriving, my gaming has been pretty much non-existent. One of the things […]

While We Wait

While we wait for the COVID-19 pandemic to allow us to gather in person and play board games once again, the Green Mountain Gamers will be writing about their experiences playing tabletop games safely over the past six months. Whether socially distanced in person, or online, there are still plenty of great ways to game. […]