Gaming Away From Computers

Hi everyone, I am Robert Dijkman, but I believe that most of you know me better as “The Dutchman” (or “that bleeping Dutchman”). Like everyone else, I have been sitting at home for most of this year, and while some Kickstarters have been arriving, my gaming has been pretty much non-existent.

One of the things that makes the Green Mountain Gamers so much fun for me is that I get to see a lot of people at our events that I don’t otherwise see, many of whom have become good friends. I love going to GMG events, I don’t think I’ve missed more than 2 or 3 these past 5 years.

As I am sure you are all very aware of, this has now come to a complete stop. We had to cancel the Mega Spring Meltdown at Lake Morey this spring, and we have cancelled every event since. Sure, there are some good online alternatives to in-person boardgaming. The problem for me personally with those is that, while they replace the board games perfectly, they really don’t replace the personal interaction, and the older I get, the more I game just for that interaction. Also, in my dayjob I sit behind a screen all day, so I really prefer my gaming to be away from computers.

What is left? Well, while we can’t go gaming in large groups, I do occasionally go gaming with a few friends (always the same ones, of course) so I get at least some gaming done. And then there’s painting miniatures, which, while not gaming, is at least gaming related. I’ve been painting through a ton of minis in my evening and weekend hours. I am getting quite good, and my wife wants the dining room table back…

For GMG we are discussing a few plans for next year. Unfortunately, there won’t be a 2021 Spring Mega Meltdown, as we don’t think that is going to be safe, and we needed to make the decision now. But the Green Mountain Gamers are not gone, nor are we going anywhere. We are committed to bringing 4 game days per year to Vermont as soon as it is again safe to do so.

We care about gaming, we just care more about gamers.