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Gaming with the Family

Hello world! I am Kori Joyce, husband, father, lifelong gamer and vice president of Green Mountain Gamers (GMG). In both the digital and tabletop gaming spaces I am known as “VermontGamer”. This started as a nickname, “Hey, Vermont, meet up at Melts tonight?” when working conventions. Then when I got into competitive KeyForge I was […]

Kickstarting Joy

Good day Gamers! This is Jennifer and I’m a fairly new member on the Green Mountain Gamers board, joining as secretary in 2019. Gaming has been an important part of my life since I moved back to the area after being gone for 7 years. I have been able to reconnect with old friends and […]


Hi! I’m Chuck Burkins, the treasurer of the Green Mountain Gamers, one of the original founders of GMG, and the guy who usually runs the Summer Game Day! Here’s my COVID-19 gaming story: Do you know that moment at the game day where you open the box of a game you’ve never played before, and […]

Gaming Away From Computers

Hi everyone, I am Robert Dijkman, but I believe that most of you know me better as “The Dutchman” (or “that bleeping Dutchman”). Like everyone else, I have been sitting at home for most of this year, and while some Kickstarters have been arriving, my gaming has been pretty much non-existent. One of the things […]

While We Wait

While we wait for the COVID-19 pandemic to allow us to gather in person and play board games once again, the Green Mountain Gamers will be writing about their experiences playing tabletop games safely over the past six months. Whether socially distanced in person, or online, there are still plenty of great ways to game. […]